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"Are you a weekend warrior looking to stay active? A recreational or competitive athlete seeking to step up your game, but don’t quite feel your body is functioning at optimal capacity? Let IronCore guide you to peak performance and help you unleash your full potential!"


"Have you sustained an injury and suffering from pain? Are you recovering from surgery and seeking to fully resume your daily & leisure activities? Let IronCore help you find the source of your problem using cutting edge evidence-based treatment to ensure you first move well and then move often, to quickly and safely return you to 100%!"


"Are you experiencing chronic discomfort due to stress, poor posture, or occupational/sporting activities? IronCore offers therapeutic cupping treatments which utilize pneumatic suction to help decompress connective tissues to relieve pain, improve mobility, and promote relaxation. Allow one of our certified clinicians to take you through this rejuvenating experience!


Are you looking for an interactive mind-body experience to help deepen your practice? Whether you’re a beginner and/or seasoned practitioner, let our certified yoga instructor who is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, guide you through a 1:1 hands-on session to fine tune postural alignment, movement awareness, and technique, while ensure optimal performance, effectiveness, and safety.


IronCore offers home physical therapy & fitness training for individuals residing within a geographically close proximity, as well as fitness/sports performance training at local beach (i.e.: La Jolla Cove/La Jolla Shores) and park locations (i.e.: Torrey Pines Reserve/Cowles Mountain) for an alternative natural setting as a supplement and/or during an instance where he/she is unable to attend an in-studio treatment/training session. Appointments are based on availability, on a case-by-case basis, and for existing clients only. Specific rates apply to account for therapist travel.


Thanks to modern technology, IronCore also offers TeleHealth Consultations for existing clients. Via mobile device communication, you will be taken through a face to face treatment session, and like all other services, review of your home program, and educational tips. Appointments are based on availability on a case-by-case basis, and for existing clients only.

For information on rates please contact us via email, or phone/text