Fitness & Sports Performance Training

IronCore’s Fitness & Sports Performance training programs are administered by a licensed physical therapist and former NCAA Division III conference-finalist swimmer, with extensive background in strength & conditioning, yoga, and stand-up paddleboarding. These programs are geared towards the “weekend warrior”, as well as the recreational and/or elite athlete seeking to elevate and fine-tune his/her movement awareness, conditioning base and skill set.

Movement is at the core of our early growth and development spectacle and is a direct representation of the central nervous system working together with the musculoskeletal system. Thus, having an effective/efficient standard operating procedure, to detect injury prevalence prior to activity/sports participation and ensure accurate program design, is critical to ensuring optimal performance. Hence, every client at IronCore, prior to commencing training, will undergo a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a qualitative 7-step injury risk/movement management system, to establish baseline whole-body movement competency, while pinpointing any aberrant patterns.

Just as a physician checks your blood pressure during a routine exam, the FMS serves in a similar manner, as the “movement pre-participation physical”, to rate/rank fundamental whole-body movement patterns utilizing an ordinal grading system. The FMS helps unveil dysfunctions such as asymmetries, and/or mobility, stability, and motor control restrictions uncomplicated by pain and specific skill, which can limit or derail training and competition.

Following this 10-minute screen, your therapist/trainer will review your composite/raw scores, and per these results blend an appropriate set of corrective exercises within your existing training program, and divided into periodized cycles in accordance with your respective goals/sports season, to create a sound sustainable fitness platform that serves to optimize training effectiveness/efficiency, durability, performance, and energy economy, all to ensure you first move well and then move often!