Mobile Services


    Today’s demanding fast-paced world, can produce occasional scheduling conflicts and challenges to attend your in-studio session. However, thanks to modern mobile technology, IronCore offers TeleHealth services. Telehealth is a convenient HIPPA-secure method to interface with your therapist in the setting of your choice, using either your computer or mobile device.

    Telehealth services are 30 minute face-to-face on-line sessions where you will be taken through a series of movements and special tests. Following the session, your therapist will review and adjust your home program, as well as provide recommendations as needed.

    Important Notes:

    1. Telehealth services are available Monday-Saturday, on a case by case basis for existing clients only and is based on appointment availability.
    2. IronCore’s Telehealth services serve as an effective supplement and NOT a substitute for your in-person session, to guide you through treatment and address questions and/or concerns regarding your plan of care, in efforts to enhance and optimize your overall health and wellness experience.
    3. Your therapist at Ironcore is licensed in the state of California. Thus, as long as you are a California resident with a California address, you may receive Telehealth. At this time, we are not able to offer Telehealth in any state other than California.


    As a courtesy to all current/past clients and patients, IronCore offers complimentary regular/timely text message support through a HIPPA-secure mobile App portal, to answer any brief health-related questions as well as schedule appointments. Please note, clients/patients that have detail-oriented questions, which may warrant visual examination, are advised to schedule an in-person/Telehealth consultation to allow face-face interaction.


    In addition to Telehealth services, IronCore also offers home-site therapy/fitness training as well as the ability for clients to connect with nature per off-site fitness training either at a nearby beach or park, as an alternative if you are unable to attend your in-studio session. These services are offered to existing clients only on a case by case basis, and per availability and geographical location. Please note additional costs apply to account for therapist travel.