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Myofasical Decompresssion (Therapeutic Cupping)

MYOFASCIAL DECOMPRESSION (MFD): MFD is a therapeutic modality utilizing pneumatic cups to gently stretch, lengthen, and unload restricted or scarred connective tissue, to help release stagnant toxins, reduce stiffness and swelling, improve blood flow, and restore full pain-free mobility and function. Some additional benefits of MFD include:

  • Minimizes nocuous connective tissue changes following inflammation, trauma, and/or surgery.
  • Prevents development of myofascial syndromes causing dysfunctional movement
  • Reduces Trigger Points

Therapeutic Yoga

Careful and appropriate integration of general and specific manual therapy techniques, combining controlled synchronization of breath with movement, during therapist-guided Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa practice styles – enter Therapeutic Yoga – an innovative 1:1 whole body healing and wellness experience incorporating specialized treatment devices as needed such as blocks, balls, belts, and straps, to improve balance, flexibility, mobility, and core stability, as well as relieve stress and increase vitality.