Our Approach

The human body is a miracle creation, built to grow strong, while age gracefully, and capable of unbelievable durability and resiliency, with an astonishing level of performance and physical capacity. The daily, leisure, and sporting activities we participate in, are combinations of reflexive and purposeful behavior, in which most cases, the first supports the second, while the second triggers the first! Ultimately, motion, specifically movement, symbolizes life.

At IronCore Sports Performance & Physical Therapy, P.C. we utilize the S.A.C.R.O. treatment approach, a structured, simplistic, and qualitative movement management system, which we have developed and refined throughout our 18 years of clinical practice. This paradigm enables us to most effectively, efficiently, and proactively map functional and dysfunctional movement patterns, identify injury prevalence, attack the greatest limitation and symptom origin, while ensure one first moves well and then moves often, to restore maximal health and fitness. These foundational principles, which are integrated in our healing/wellness methodologies, and deeply rooted in our mission, vision, and core values, together help educate, inspire, and empower the individuals and communities we serve, to sustain optimal quality of life.

S – Screen: Implementation of a functional movement screen to capture, rate, and rank fundamental whole-body movement quality/competency while pinpoint injury risk and document any reports of pain, prior to commencing exercise and activity.

A – Assess: Follows the basic screening process as part of the complete neuro-muscular-skeletal examination/evaluation including: soft-tissue/joint mobility testing, basic strength/flexibility testing, and reflex/basic vital sign testing, all to assist in precisely identifying the true source of one’s pain/symptoms, and ensure appropriate plan of care design.

C – Correct: Specific treatment methodologies such as exercise and manual therapy, to target a specific dysfunction as observed during the screen (i.e.: asymmetry, mobility/motor control restrictions) causing the symptoms.

R – Reset: Functional exercises introduced, after dysfunctional movement patterns have been resolved and movement health has been restored, that carryover to daily, work, leisure, and/or sporting activities while improve overall physical capacity (i.e.: flexibility, strength, endurance, power) to establish a sound/sustainable fitness platform.

O – Optimize: Specific drills/exercises to fine tune conditioning base, technique, and skill set to optimize performance.